Accounting services

Revenue and expense ledgers

Based on regularity, reliability, compliance with applicable directives and standards, keeping revenue and expense ledgers in the first place allows for the preparation of a tax base appropriate for the business. Therefore, the assistance of a professional accounting office turns out to be not only technical but also strategic support – giving rise for future development. We are able to take care of keeping your company’s records – regardless of its profile.

Accounting books

As specialists, we know how demanding keeping the books is. It must be based on faithfulness to all applicable standards and dictated by the individual needs and profile of the company or business. Thus, this task should be performed by specialists. Support of our office will allow you to focus on issues that are really important to the company. It will also facilitate the implementation of your previously-prepared strategies and development programs – without the need to focus on accounting corrections.

Tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs

We believe that alternative ways of tax settlements often turn out to be much better and allow many businessmen to benefit from tax optimizations. Therefore, one of the key offers of our Office is the support in the course of the implementation of a tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs, or the method of tax settlement, which has been prepared for a narrow and well-legally-defined group. This includes primarily economic activities of a personalized nature, as well as partnerships.

HR and Payroll, the Social Insurance Institution

We are well aware of how many of our Customers are afraid of high costs associated with setting up and registration of the company. For us, however, the completion of all formalities, and above all – advice on the choice of a particular legal form – is the basis for scheduling and preparation of tailored optimizations (including the tax-related ones). Our support will also allow you to prepare to all stages associated with the implementation of a new business, in particular with managing registers and obtaining identification numbers.

Business consulting

Consideration must go hand in hand with creativity. In business, you have to be both careful and clever – only then you can not only prepare for changes, but also predict adverse situations for balanced and dynamic development of the company. Both, the risk management and the preparation of process optimizations provide the opportunity to strengthen the company’s position in the market. Thus, it is worth to take advantage of comprehensive business consulting. Support given by our office staff is always based on individual circumstances.