HR and Payroll, the Social Insurance Institution

We turn to you with a proposal of long-term cooperation, which will be possible through entrusting us with HR, payroll and settlement with the ZUS (Polish Social Insurance Institution). All tasks associated with this subject area form the basis for effective and lawful business of any company – regardless of its legal form. However, in practice, they are also associated with the need to give considerable attention and time to documentation activities.

In order to cut spendings related to the work of the accounting department, as well as the optimization of business processes, we encourage you to take advantage of our support. We are able to deal with the complex calculation of salaries of all employees (regardless of the size of the company and the number of employees) – including all deductions. Another very important activity of our experts is a reliable calculation of taxes and social security contributions – including bank transfers and submitting relevant declarations to the ZUS.

As a part of the standard care of HR, payroll and insurance premium calculations, our accounting office is able to provide not only the regularity of undertaken activities, but also effective cooperation with tax audit authorities. Our services are not limited to a basic range of activities, but also take into account the need to take regular (the preparation of income statements) or immediate actions (e.g. the issuance of the salary certificate or the PERFON declaration).