Tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs

One of the simplest ways of tax payment is tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs, which is a simplified form of the traditional settlement of receivables. However, in this case it is necessary to evaluate whether the payer or the business entity is entitled to this type of activity. Contact with our experts will help you not only get the answer to this, but also to other questions related to the adoption of alternative forms of taxation.

As an experienced accounting office, we are able to undertake on your behalf the preparation of settlements in the form of tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs. Due to the specific nature (also defined by specific regulations), this offer is addressed mainly to partnerships and economic activities (individual). Through direct cooperation, we are able to assess whether the legal form of the company or the nature of the business allow the implementation of our proposed solution.

For such a form of payment we also invite Customers who only consider setting up and starting their own economic activity. In such a case we will be able to prepare a relevant statement on your behalf that can be submitted to the Tax Office by you as a company.

Due to the nature of this type of settlement (in this case only income is important), you should keep in mind that not every entrepreneur will be able to benefit from the tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs. Our excellent knowledge of regulations and substantive preparation will allow us to resolve your doubts and present the best solutions.