Business activity

Starting a business

If you want to be self-employed and grab the business helm in your own hands, then we are certain that the support of our experts will help you to get started. With us you will discover that starting a business does not have to be long-term, expensive and difficult. We are able to deal with all the necessary formalities, while you can focus on other issues and organizational matters equally important for your future business.

Setting up and registration of companies

We are well aware of how many of our Customers are afraid of high costs associated with setting up and registration of a company. For us, however, completion of all formalities, and above all – advice on the choice of a particular legal form of business – is the basis for planning and preparing tailored optimizations (including the tax-related ones). Our support will also prepare you for all stages associated with the implementation of a new business in the registers and obtaining identification numbers.

Help with the registration of companies

Regardless of the legal form – it is always problematic to prepare documentation that is appropriate and compliant with all the criteria and requirements, which will allow for a smooth and efficient passage through the stage of starting a business activity. Our help with the registration of a company – both capital and partnership – will allow you to get support of professionals and complete confidence with regard to correctness of the prepared documents. We will also take care of the implementation of a new entity in the relevant registers (this also applies to sole proprietorship).