Help with registration of companies

Making initial business steps is extremely demanding. It is primarily a period of huge commitment, activity and creative use of the best possible solutions. At the very beginning, you should take advantage of support which will not only improve the basic operations and procedures but will also allow to take care of their correctness and compliance with the applicable regulations. Hence, the proposal of our Accounting Office. As experienced experts, we are able to deal with all the activities that are necessary in the process of setting up a business. We have in mind the complementary assistance in setting up companies of all kinds.

In the first place, we are able to prepare the necessary documentation that will allow setting up a corporation, or limited-liability company or joint-stock company. Both legal forms are associated with the necessity of entering into the KRS (National Court Register). We are aware, however, that both the preparation of the necessary documentation in the form of contracts, reports, complementary list of shareholders, as well as the resolutions on the appointment of board members are extremely time-consuming and require appropriate qualifications. Therefore, the best solution is to leave this task to specialists of our Office.

Similarly, in the case of partnerships – KRS is one of the basic registers, in which they should be entered. Analogically, as in the case of equity linked entities, also in this case the core of our activity is the preparation of full documentation to be submitted in order to properly register a business activity. We are able to take care of every organizational detail – including the necessary notarial authentication certificate (e.g. in the case of the preparation of samples of all individuals authorized to represent the company).

Less complicated registration process is associated with assistance with the registration of single entities. In this case, the CEIDG (i.e. the Central Registration and Information of Business) is the master register. However, this does not mean abandoning the need to prepare required applications. We are ready to fill them in on your behalf and to submit them – in any form (online or in the Borough Office). We are also able to explain all the issues related to the functioning method of a sole proprietorship.