Setting up and registration of companies

Many factors have a crucial influence on the final shape of a business. You should evaluate the initial capital, your planned direction of development, as well as estimate anticipated profits. Then, from the background to these evaluations, a specific legal form of business activity will be derived. How to make the first steps and efficiently carry out all procedural operations?

The best solution for the beginner entrepreneurs is to start cooperation with our accounting office. Knowledge, years of experience and willingness to work allow us to participate in setting up and registration of companies. Through consultations, discussions and diagnosis of the expectations of our Customers we are able to advise on the choice of a particular legal form of business. It will be associated with clearly defined tax liabilities and will create opportunities for the implementation of favorable optimizations. The next step implemented during setting up and registration of the company is to draw up proper and complementary documentation. Its shape and scope depends on individual aspects (e.g. the number of shareholders). Our work in this area means primarily a significant improvement in organizational activities since you and your shareholders must only provide us with the necessary information that is essential for the preparation of the documentation. As a result, you can be sure that contracts and statutes will be drawn up in accordance with the highest standards and the preparation will not take your precious time.

The last, final step in setting up and registration of the company is to enter it into the appropriate registers – primarily into the KRS (National Court Register). We make sure that all procedural steps are carried out smoothly, efficiently and as soon as it is reasonably possible. This also applies to efforts taken in order to grant business mandatory identification numbers – including NIP and REGON.

With support of employees of our Accounting Office, you can count on personal attention, professional and substantive advice, as well as carefully carried registration process.