Receivables management

Comprehensive collection services

If you fail to contact the debtor, or simply all attempts to collect the debt proved completely ineffective, you should turn to professionals who will be able to work efficiently, effectively and in accordance with the law. We will perform the necessary analysis for you and our comprehensive collection services will allow you to recover the full amount of the debt. In our everyday work, debt collection is done both amicably, as well as by taking legal actions (in the absence of cooperation on the part of the debtor).

Settlement of arrears and irregularities

In daily activities, we do not limit ourselves to the standard services provided to our Customers. We do our best to guarantee the complementarity of our services, which include the possibility of settlement of arrears and removal of accounting irregularities. At the beginning of such action we always perform the audit and prepare the assessment of the current documentation. On this basis we are able to prepare tools and strategies that will allow us to complete your order efficiently, in accordance with the highest standards and distinguished by the highest quality of services provided.