Comprehensive collection services

Daily work and long-term cooperation with our Customers taught us, above all, to be open to different ways of operation. Thus, we do not limit our services to a narrow and inflexible range of activities, but mainly focus on adapting the tools to the situation – we take into account various aspects and circumstances. Therefore, comprehensive collection services provided by our specialists allow quick, reliable and low-cost debt recovery. We would like to emphasize that, taking into account mainly the possibility to establish cooperation with the debtor, we are ready to finalize debt collection activities both amicably and in the court.

Negotiations and amicable settlement

The first step in our debt collection activities is a reliable and meaningful analysis of documentation provided by the Customer. We are well aware of the fact that debtor’s contact details repeatedly prove to be outdated, making it impossible to establish any contact with them. Therefore, in the first place we try to establish a dialogue with the debtor. We are ready to prepare and submit a default notice, as well as to undertake telephone negotiations on your behalf. Such path of action – in the case of willingness to cooperate with the debtor – often leads to rapid finalization and complete debt recovery.

Legal proceedings concerning debt collection

However, in the case of impossibility to establish contact with the debtor, or simply the lack of willingness to cooperate, it proves necessary to take legal action. In this event, our comprehensive collection services are based on both the preparation of relevant analyses (including the solvency of the debtor), the collection of the necessary documentation, as well as the preparation of proposals that allow the initiation of procedural activities. We always make sure that all steps taken by us lead to the fastest completion of collection activities and allow our Customers to recover the full amount of the debt. We also conduct such interventions that they are associated with the lowest possible expenses.