Our team

The Office is run by Karolina Bisek, who has been involved in bookkeeping since 2007 and is authorized to provide bookkeeping services.

Karolina Bisek, a legal studies graduate of the University of Wrocław as well as a graduate of Wrocław University of Economics, having completed studies including those in Accounting and Tax, gained her experience primarily at firms involved in construction, undertaking entry as well as the supervision of a bookkeeping department. She is currently in the process of obtaining qualifications for the role of tax adviser and the entitlements of an expert auditor.

A further asset is the certificate held by Karolina Bisek confirming professional competences with regard to the international transport of goods by road, allowing transport firms to obtain a necessary licence.

The Office is staffed by an eight-person team comprising highly-qualified employees of an appropriate economics education and long-standing professional experience, able to resolve even complex problems in the areas of bookkeeping and tax.

Our team is continually improving its qualifications, actively participating in specialist training and completing postgraduate studies in areas including accounting and tax. Among us are individuals having taken several examinations for the role of expert auditor and rising to the challenge of acquiring further levels of expertise.

All of this is aimed at a better understanding of bookkeeping and tax problems and their competent resolution.

We collaborate as a matter of course with trusted expert auditors and lawyers, allowing for a comprehensive guarantee of the resolution of a majority of the problems which can appear while conducting business activity.